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JavaScript - Spread and Rest Operator


Rest operator ... (three dots) allows us to extract Object properties that are not already extracted.
You can use rest to help extract only properties you want.

// Extract FirstName and age
// and store the rest of the items in 'remaining' variable
const { firstName, age, ...remaining } = {
firstName: "Jean",
lastName: "Smith",
age: 20,
height: "5.10",
race: "martian",
console.log(firstName); // Jean
console.log(age); // 20
console.log(remaining); // { lastName: 'Smith', height: '5.10', race: 'martian' }


Spread properties also look just like rest properties with three dots ...but the difference is that you use spread to create (restructure) new objects.

The spread operator is used in the right side of the equals sign. The rest are used in the left-side of the equals sign.

const defaultUser = {
FirstName: "Jean",
LastName: "Snyman",
Age: 35,
const additionalUserProps = {
Email: "",
Age: 40,
//Merge two objects using object spread
const user2 = { ...defaultUser, ...additionalUserProps };
// {
// FirstName: 'Jean',
// LastName: 'Snyman',
// Age: 40,
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