Asynchronous Iteration with "for-await-of"


This is an extremely useful feature. Basically it allows us to create loops of async code with ease!

This feature adds a new “for-await-of” loop that allows us to call async functions that return promises (or Arrays with a bunch of promises) in a loop. The cool thing is that the loop waits for each Promise to resolve before doing to the next loop.

const promises = [
  new Promise(resolve => resolve(1)),
  new Promise(resolve => resolve(2)),
  new Promise(resolve => resolve(3))

// Runs synchronize
async function beforeWait() {
  for (const obj of promises) {
    console.log(obj); // // logs 3 promises

// After
// Waits for promises to finish
async function afterWait() {
  for await (const obj of promises) {
    console.log(obj); // log

beforeWait(); // logs 3 promises
afterWait(); // logs 1,2,3